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brian david cinadr joshua weinfeld

brian david cinadr, born and raised in cleveland, ohio and based now with his family in the coastal mountains of southern and central california., brian has acquired a broad group of readers and supporters. his life is storied with strippers and studio executives, mafia businessmen and neighborhood pushers. he has had a career in bodybuilding, dug graves, paved roads, and worked as a bodyguard for rock stars and hollywood celebrities.


there seemed a river, cinadr’s debut novel, was a 2020 Amazon #1 new release, an IAN Book of the Year Finalist, the 2022 Global Book Award Silver Medal winner in world fiction, and the 2021 eLit Bronze Medal winner for Best Literary Fiction. 

his short stories have been published in the country's most prestigious literary journals, from The Alaska Quarterly to ZYZZYVA.  He is the recipient of Cal State Northridge's Best Short Fiction, 2003 and is a two time Pushcart Award nominee for America's Best Short Fiction.

cinadr's stories grow out of his rust belt roots, stories gleaned from his common folk, from the factories and fields of his childhood, from the highways that gave him hope and a vague faith in god and an america that haunt him still.

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